Sudan President Shares African Plunder With Egypt


The concerned Authorities in Wadi Halfa port have begun the shipment of 620 cattles to the Arab Republic of Egypt as the first batch of the gift from President Al Bashir to the people of Egypt. In this context, the Commissioner of Wadi Halfa Dr. Abu Baker Mohammed Osman said in a statement to SUNA that the shipment of livestock to Egypt comes in implementation of the recent directives of the President of the Republic Omer Al-Bashir who donated some 5000 cattles to Egypt.

The Commissioner explained that the locality of Wadi Halfa has put all its capabilities to guarantee the smooth flow export trade between the two countries in order to push forward the relations of fraternity linking the peoples of Sudan and Egypt.

However some are calling on the Government of Egypt to reject to gift, claiming that the cattle was the stolen livestock of the African herders in the south who recently lost their herds to marauding bands of armed Arab bandits who are said to be funded and backed by the North Sudanese Government.