Sudan: Rebels Claim Victory In South Kordofan

Sudan: Rebels Claim Victory In South Kordofan
Brave Sudanese rebels fighting against Arab minority rule in Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE – The rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) said on Tuesday it inflicted a big defeat on the Sudanese army in an attack on Dalouka area, 8 km south of South Kordofan state capital, Kadougli.

SPLM-N spokesperson Arnu Ngutulu Lodi said clashes between the two sides led to the killing of 25 soldiers from the government army including a first lieutenant officer, pointing their forces seized light and heavy weaponry.

He pointed that another force belonging to the government army has fled its camp in Tourlake area, 13 km west of Kadougli under SPLM-N attacks and left behind a 60 Mm mortar and 2 Kalashnikov rifles.

Lodi, in a statement, said “leaders of the Sudanese regime think they could weaken and cripple forces of change and end the revolution which broke out to achieve rights, freedoms, democracy and citizenship”.

He pointed out the government continues to mobilise the Sudanese people to die in a “futile war”, saying the country’s resources and budgets have been directed to war instead of being dispersed on items which have impact on peoples’ daily lives such as education and health.

“They [leaders of the regime] only seek to enable the head of the regime to cling to power for another term through a rigged elections”, he added.

Lodi underscored that warmongers within the regime would only yield abject failure, saying they better call their “Decisive Summer” campaign a “Failed Summer” and learn from previous lessons.

Earlier this month the Sudanese army stepped up its rhetoric against the SPLM-N rebels and vowed to crush them in the military campaign known as “Decisive Summer” operations.

South Kordofan and neighbouring Blue Nile state has been the scene of violent conflict between the SPLM-N and SAF since 2011.

Peace talks between the two parties remain deadlocked after they failed to reach a common ground for negotiations. While the government says it is only willing to discuss the conflict in the Two Areas, the SPLM-N is demanding a comprehensive peace process.


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