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Sudan: SRF Revolutionaries Claims Full Control of South Kordofan

South Kordofan
South Kordofan

AFRICANGLOBE –  The Justice and Equality Movement integrated in the Sudan Revolutionary Front announced on Tuesday, 1 January, that it had taken control of the areas of Jerhaman, Tom Bashara, Al Zarankh, Dardoug, Faqr, Andharab and Obeid, in a widespread campaign in South Kordofan.

The movement’s deputy leader, Mohamed Al Beleil Issa Zayyed, told reporters that Sudan Revolutionary Front troops spread over the province on Tuesday and are now in ‘full control’ of Kordofan and ‘liberated’ the area from the National Congress Party, the Arab minority party that currently controls Sudan’s government.

According to the deputy leader, the movement’s action forced the government troops to withdraw to Al Nuhud, Jerbian, Babanusa and Al Tabun. He stressed that the Sudan Revolutionary Front has appointed leaders and established administrative units for the areas. The deputy leader stated that their troops are on the way via Al Nuhud and Dabanda to Hamrat al Sheikh.

At the same time, the governor of North Kordofan, Mutasim Mirghani Zaki Aldeen, claimed that rebels attacked the areas of Kano and Al Tashween, looted the markets and petrol stations and stole approximately 40 barrels of gasoline. He explained that the attackers disabled the communication towers in the areas of Dardoug and Al Zarnakh by stealing the generators.

“Misleading Information”

Moreover, the commissioner of Wad Banda and nazer (tribal leader) of East Darfur tribes, Abbas Dow Albait, accused the SRF of looting citizens’ money and belongings. He said that a convoy of 18 heavily armed Land Cruiser vehicles marked “Kauda Alliance” arrived to the locality of Al Taweesha, North Darfur, before sunset on Monday. The nazer added that the rebels robbed civilians in the market.

Al Beleil strongly denied the accusations and described them as ‘misleading information’ and ‘propaganda of the National Congress Party to distort the SRF’s image’. He added that the commissioner had fled the locality and ‘does not know what happened after he left’.

Al Beleil claimed that Sudatel’s communication towers were destroyed because of the company’s alleged affiliation to the security apparatus of the National Congress Party, noting that the towers of another telecommunication company, Zain, were not targeted because it is ‘a civilian company’.

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