Sudanese Air Force Bombs South Kordofan Killing Nubian Children

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Sudan will never see peace until the Arab minority government is removed from power

AFRICANGLOBE – The Sudanese Air Force reportedly bombed the town of Buram and Tanasa village, south of Kadugli, the capital of South Kordofan. Two children were killed.

According to a press release by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-North (SPLM/A-N), a Sukhoi bomber on 17 November at about 5pm attacked Buram and Tanasa in the Nuba Mountains with “large-sized, parachuted bombs”.

The two bombs dropped on Tanasa village killed two children, El Nur Trumba Tijani (10) and Tia Nihaya (7), and wounded Mubarak Shamsun Mashru (10) and Fatouma Ali (45). Five houses, belonging to Kafi Nimir, Yohanna Kuku Soleiman, Adam Kuku, and Daniel Kuku, were completely burned, including food supplies, The houses of Khamis Kuku Abbas, Andrew Kuku, and Abdelmagadam Kafi were seriously damaged. In Buram, the bombs destroyed a number of farms.

The SPLM/A-N official spokesman, Arnu Ngutulu Lodi, stated in the press release that the “SPLA/N and other Sudan Revolutionary Front forces will not keep quiet while the ruling National Congress Party is continuing its atrocities against civilians. Our response to the ethnic cleansing of the Khartoum regime will be strong and severe.”

Yasir Arman, Secretary General of the SPLM-N and spokesperson for the SRF delegation currently touring Europe, commented from the Finnish capital of Helsinki, on the bombardments.

“To all those who continue to appease the Khartoum regime and ignore the solid facts on the ground, the Khartoum regime is targeting civilian populations in Sudan, committing war crimes, and killing the very children who need to be vaccinated. For the families of these children, the air and ground attacks by the Khartoum regime are more visible threats than polio. Many in Africa and in the international community circles are deliberately ignoring this fact. Admitting it would require them to provide civilian protection as per international humanitarian law.”

“We call upon all who value human life and human dignity to wage a campaign for unhindered access for humanitarian assistance in the Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile, and Darfur, as well as a humanitarian cessation of hostilities addressing humanitarian needs in these regions, without conditioning them on a political agenda. The right for humanitarian aid and protection is guaranteed by international humanitarian law.”


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