Sudanese Detainees Declared Innocent Remain in Egyptian Prisons

Egyptian prisons
Egypt is the main backer of the  regime in Sudan

More than two dozen detainees from Darfur and the Nuba Mountains in Sudan who were arrested three years ago remain in Egyptian prisons.

They were declared innocent by Egypt’s military court two years ago.

Abdel Moneim Suliman, head of the Sudan Center for Contemporary Studies and Development in Cairo, said the prisoners, held under extremely harsh conditions, are accused by Egyptian authorities of supporting armed movements in Darfur and of smuggling Sudanese nationals to Israel.

Abdel Moneim Suliman also said that two years ago Egypt’s military court ruled that these Sudanese were innocent and he is surprised they remain in prison after the Egyptian Revolution for Change, Democracy and Human Rights. The detainees work for a charity that helps Sudanese refugees in Cairo to defend their rights.

The detainees’ names are: Adam Yahya Abdallah, Abu El gasim Ibrahim El Hajj Abekker, Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud Adam, Faisal Muhammad Haroon Sulaiman, Mohammed Abdulrahman Abdallah Hassan, Abdul Karim Ali Isaq Mohammed, Sheikh Saad Hamouda Saad, Khalid Khamiss, Kabiri Govaly, Akram Karakha Bashir Tutu, Sheikh Adam, Cema Sambo, Basur Maksa.