Sudanese Government Renews Scorched Earth Policy In Darfur

Sudan Renews Scorched Earth Policy In Darfur
Sudan, backed by Gulf Arab countries is carrying out a genocide against the country’s African population

AFRICANGLOBE – The Sudanese Air Force has been bombarding areas in Um Baru locality from Friday until Monday. Elements of the Rapid Support Forces (Janjaweed) attacked various areas in Kutum locality in North Darfur.

Feeing residents from the area of Muzbat in the northern part of Um Baru locality reported that the Sudanese Air force has stepped up its bombardments since last Friday.

“From Friday until Monday, Antonov and Sukhoi fighter jets have been bombing our area. Dozens of livestock were killed, and many water sources were damaged. Eight bombs dropped on Muzbat town ruined its hospital and the market. A number of houses and shops burned down.”

The area of Lill, south of Muzbat, was also bombarded on Monday, the sources added. An Antonov that dropped about 18 bombs caused the death of a woman named Amira Ali Jalaba, and the injury of at least nine people, most of them children. Dozens of cattle were killed, and water wells destroyed.


In Kutum locality, elements of the RSF attacked villages in the areas of Gadara, Bir Mazza, and Birdik on Monday. They verbally abused and beat the villagers and robbed them of all their money, belongings, and livestock.

Aisha Adam Bosh was killed in Gadara. Trader Abdallah Dargila and Osman Idris Ahmed were wounded in the areas of Bir Mazza and Birdik. The militiamen abducted Khamis Sabil Kheirallah, a guard at Birdik.

The villagers appealed to the UN and human rights organisations to intervene and “halt those widespread attacks and abuses that are now entering its third week, to protect the citizens, and provide relief to them”.


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