Taylor Swift Is Dreaming Of A White Africa

Taylor Swift Is Dreaming Of A White Africa
Creating and supporting Black-owned media that will promote our views is the best way to counteract white propaganda

AFRICANGLOBE – Ever imagined Africa without Black people? Well, Taylor Swift’s new music video, Wildest Dreams, does just that.

The video shot in Ethiopia and California features only white people with a romantic colonialism love story.

The video has obtained more than 11 million online views so far, but not all feedback has been positive.

The video pays homage to 1950s films like The African Queen and features a lion, giraffe and a zebra, and Swift appearing in colonial-era costumes alongside leading man Scott Eastwood.

Many were mortified by the video’ s romanticism of colonialism.

Political analyst Mienke Mari Steytler said Africans had every right to be offended by the video.

Said Steytler: “It is an example of ignorance and let us all learn that we need to educate ourselves about the past, especially on a global level, and strive not to romanticise it but rather to use it to educate others. There are so many positive stories to tell about Africa, so much vibrancy and energy, and wonderfully talented Africans who could have been used as cast and crew.”

Recently Swift found herself in the middle of a row about inherent racism in the music industry after Nicki Minaj noted the small number of Black artists who had been nominated at the VMAs.


By: Shenaaz Jamal