Tens Of Thousands Of Ethiopians Enslaved In Yemen


Tens Of Thousands Of Ethiopians Enslaved In Yemen
Ethiopian migrants in Yemen

AFRICANGLOBE – “The fate of migrant workers in Yemeni torture camps”

Every year, many Ethiopians, escaping one of the poorest countries in the world, pay brokers to transport them across the Gulf of Aden, through Yemen, into Saudi Arabia.

At any one time, up to twenty five thousand migrants can be in the border town of Haradh. Nearly all end up in torture camps. Sometimes the smugglers return after the ransoms have been paid, and do help migrants to cross the border into Saudi. But more likely, they return to the beaches, to pick up yet more Ethiopians to sell to the torture camps.

The fate of women migrants is also unclear. There are certainly more men than women on the boats arriving into Yemen, perhaps three for every one man. But the torture camps (which most migrants get caught in), contain a far smaller proportion of females than the boats did.

It is not quite clear where these women end up. Females may have a higher value to the traffickers, as they can be sold as sex slaves. It is suspected that many end up being trafficked into Saudi Arabian brothels, and are never seen again.


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