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Terrorists Target Uganda



Security intelligence in Uganda has revealed that terrorists are targeting Uganda, with attacks planned as the country prepares to celebrate its 50th independence anniversary.

The East African country marks its independence on October 9.

But as arrangements ahead of next month’s ceremonies move into full gear, Uganda’s police chief, Lt. General Kale Kayihura issued a terror alert to the public.

“The terrorists want to kill innocent civilians during the celebrations. I request all Ugandans to be very vigilant because the terrorists are increasingly targeting Uganda,” Kayihura said.

He said they had received reliable information about terrorist plans to attack the country. He added that two Somali suspects who were arrested in Kenya last Friday had confessed that they were preparing to strike Uganda.

Police in Kenya on Friday carried out a dawn operation in the suburb of Nairobi in its counter-terrorism efforts.

During the operation, which they say was successful, they recovered six bombs, 12 hand grenades, four rifles, four suicide bomb vests, six bullet proof jackets, 40 kg of explosive material and over 400 live bullets.

Some Uganda police officers went to Kenya to carry out investigations related to the arrested suspected terrorists.

According to their observations, the suicide bombs recovered by Kenyan police during the operation were similar with those used by terrorists who killed over 70 people in Uganda in 2010.

Uganda police spokesperson, Judith Nabakoba said they will also carry out similar operations in areas they suspect to be harbouring terrorists.

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