Tsvangirai Attacks Indigenisation Programme

Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has attacked his own government’s indigenisation programme saying it has eroded investor confidence and damaged the country’s image.

Addressing a media briefing following his recent visit to the United States where he was allegedly snubbed by Obama, PM Tsvangirai described the policy as toxic and controversial.

He said during his visit to the US investors had assured him that they were ready to do business with Zimbabwe provided that the country comes up with clear strategies that restore investor confidence.

PM Tsvangirai said there were a lot of legal challenges facing the country in implementing the policy.

Among 11 sectoral committees set by Government to deal with the issuer of thresholds, the Prime Minister said, only the mining sector was partially concluded.

He denied that the US government had snubbed him.

PM Tsvangirai defended Government expenditure on vehicles for Cabinet ministers and other senior Government officials.

He said ministers could not move around doing Government business on bicycles. The cars were service vehicles and would remain the property of the CMED.

“There is a wrong perception in this country that ministers, especially those from the MDC, are now living in luxury.

“I think we need to be fair on our criticism on excesses or indulgence of that nature.

“If we were to compare with other Governments, you will see that our own ministers do not have better welfare facilities like education facilities for their families which they are entitled to.”

Tsvangirai said instead people should actually sympathise with his ministers whom he said were doing their best to serve the people.