Tsvangirai Threatens to Pull Out of Zimbabwe’s Unity Government

Morgan Tsvangirai
Political juggler Morgan Tsvangirai

Zimbabwean  Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai warned yesterday that he could pull out of the inclusive government if his supporters continued to be victims of political violence.

Addressing thousands of villagers, Tsvangirai said he would soon convene an emergency council meeting to decide whether or not to stay in the inclusive government.

He accused President Robert Mugabe of being a hypocrite, who denounced violence by day and promoted it by night.

“I am pained. My message to Mugabe is that we can’t pretend to be working together when violence is taking place,” said Tsvangirai.

“I am going to call an emergency council meeting to see if it is worth it to continue in the government of national unity.

“Shall we continue to turn a blind eye when my supporters are being tortured, when diamonds are being looted?”

He said he would also confront Mugabe and tell him to “shape up or the MDC-T will ship out”.

“I will confront him and look him in the eye to see if he still wants the unity government to continue. We are sick and tired of hypocrites,” said the tough-talking PM and infamous womanizer.

The MDC-T leader said it would be morally wrong for him to end up President at the expense of the people.

“I will not step on dead bodies to State House, as long as I am living and as long as I am still MDC-T president, I will not walk past burnt houses to state house,” he said.

Tsvangirai sharpened his tone against perpetrators of political violence as he toured some of the victims of violence in Zaka as part of MDC-T’s Victims Commemoration day.

He came face-to-face with alleged victims of recent political violence after the party’s ward chairman, Nelson Bvudzijena, was injured when his house was petrol-bombed last week.

He paid Bvudzijena a visit at St Anthony’s Musiso Hospital.

“We have politicians who shed crocodile tears like Mugabe,” said Tsvangirai.

“He denounces violence. That’s hypocrisy we do not want. If he is serious, why can’t he stop that violence instead of just saying it without any action?”

He said it was worrying to note that four years into the inclusive government, MDC supporters continued to be beaten by known perpetrators who walked scot-free.