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Uganda Arrests 5 Suspected Pakistani Terrorists

Kampala, Uganda

Five Pakistani nationals have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism in Uganda, as the African country continues its fight against terror.

The five were arrested together with a Congolese, who is suspected of being their guide and had allegedly crossed into Uganda illegally.

Police said the group was captured in Ntoroko District about 400 kilometres west of the capital Kampala.

The district borders strife torn eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is home to criminal gangs and Ugandan and Rwandan rebels.

Western Uganda regional police commander, Wilson Kwanya said the police suspected that the arrested Pakistanis are connected to acts of terror.

“The arrested Pakistani nationals are of the Tablique sect. The way they entered Uganda made us become suspicious and we trailed them.

“They travelled to Congo in an area where there are many rebels who want to fight Uganda and returned with a Congolese guide who does not have a passport,” Kwanya said.

The prisoners have been transfered to Kampala for further interrogation.

“We want to get more information about rebels from them. If found innocent they will be set free,” the police chief said.

After their arrest the Pakistanis reportedly claimed to be Islamic preachers who were traversing the country to spread Islam.

Uganda is on high alert for terrorist activities after intelligence sources revealed that suspected Al-Shabab terrorists had entered Uganda through Kenya.

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