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UK University Punishing Ugandan Students For Not Supporting Homosexuality

Victoria University homosexuality
Victoria University will lose some students

AFRICANGLOBE – A Ugandan university has lost its affiliation to a United Kingdom institution after the East African establishment refused to support gay rights.

The University of Buckingham in the UK reportedly severed ties with Victoria University, raising the ire of students and anti-homosexuality campaign groups in Uganda.

“The University of Buckingham wanted us to include a clause in our statute that no person will be discriminated on basis of sexual orientation,” Victoria University chancellor, professor Apollo Nsibambi said.

He said the institution could not include such a clause in their statute because Uganda’s constitution and penal code prohibited homosexuality and same sex marriages.

In a statement the University of Buckingham said it was worried by efforts by Uganda that sought to criminalise homosexuality and it wanted protection for students that were already enrolled by Victoria University.

“Over the last few months, the University of Buckingham has been in discussions with our partners, Edulink, who own Victoria University in Kampala, Uganda, about our continued validation of some of Victoria University’s courses.

“We have both become increasingly concerned about the proposed legislation in Uganda on homosexuality and in particular the constraints on freedom of speech in this area.

“In the light of this we have agreed to suspend our validation on the assurance that Edulink would produce viable arrangements for existing students on our validated courses to complete their studies.”

The director of National Coalition against Homosexuality and Sex Abuses in Uganda, Pastor Solomon Male said, “It is unfortunate for some institutions in developed countries to try to superimpose what they want on us.

“It is high time Ugandans realised that this world does not owe us a living. We should look at the resources we have and strive to live within our means. We should stop depending on those who want us to behave in unnatural manner.”

University of Buckingham vice chancellor, David Young promised to transfer the affected students to other institutions in Kenya and the Middlesex University London in Dubai.

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