Vatican Money Stolen Through Uganda

Vatican Money Stolen Through Uganda
The Vatican takes in billions in donations and earnings yearly

AFRICANGLOBE – Information indicating that some Ugandans connived with fraudsters in the Vatican to siphon money belonging to the Catholic seal has shocked Catholics in the mainly Christian east African country.

News about money stolen from the Vatican with aid of Ugandans was broken recently by Uganda’s inspector general of police Kare Kayihura.

Kayihura told the press that Uganda police had launched an investigation after the Vatican requested them to look in a theft case through Ugandan banks.

“I received a complaint from the Vatican about theft of money. Can you imagine people daring to steal money from the Vatican. From God” Kayihura said.

He said that suspected fraudsters stole money from the Vatican before cashing it in Uganda.

Uganda police special investigations unit commander, Beat Chelimo said that the money was part of two drafts of over half a million US dollars from the Vatican.

A Ugandan woman, Esher Nabasa who withdrew the money was reportedly arrested by police.

“That is terrible” said Father Simon Okello. “Theft in this country has gone very far. It is unbelievable that some Ugandans are now stealing money from the Vatican.”


By: Godfrey Olukya


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