Vigilante Groups Kill Boko Haram Suspects

Vigilante Groups Kill Boko Haram Suspects
suspected Boko Haram fighters who were allegedly plotting attacks

AFRICANGLOBE – The people of Kalabalge, a village in Borno State have killed and arrested scores of suspected Boko Haram members who were suspected of planning to launch an attack, the residents and a security official said.

The attack on members of the group which holds hundreds of kidnapped schoolgirls comes amid the creation of vigilante groups that are resisting the Muslim campaign of terror.

According to the Associated Press (AP), a security official said on Tuesday morning, after they learnt of an impending attack by militants, a vigilante group in Kalabalge ambushed two trucks in which gunmen traveled, killing and arresting scores of them.

Residents of Kalabalge said they had formed a vigilante group to foil attacks by Boko Haram terrorists amid accusations the Nigerian military is not doing enough to stem attacks.

Borno State is where more than 300 girls were abducted last month and one of the three Nigerian states where a state of emergency was imposed, giving the military special powers to fight the Muslim terror group. Attacks have persisted despite a heightened military presence, drawing criticism from residents and civic groups which feel that the government was not acting fast enough to contain the insurgency.

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday sought to extend the state of emergency for another six months.

Boko Haram has gained global notoriety following its abduction of schoolgirls on April 15 in Chibok, Borno State At least 276 of them are still held captive with the group’s leader threatening to sell them into slavery. In a video released on Monday, he offered to release the girls in exchange for the freedom of jailed Boko Haram terrorists.

In Kalabalge, a village of about 250 kilometres from Maiduguri, residents appear to be taking matters into their own hands.

Kalabalge trader, Ajid Musa, said: “It is impossible” for militants to stage attacks there, after residents organised the vigilante group.

“That is why most attacks by the Boko Haram on our village continued to fail because they cannot come here and start shooting and killing people.”


By: Jaiyeola Andrews 

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  1. Remember Rwanda? Fear, anger, rumors, hatred spread fast and lead to the mass slaughter in hours. Finger pointing and accusations by an armed angry mob is recipe for murder, regardless of truth.

  2. This is what is needed by the CIA,creating chaos and poor africans will start slaughering themselves and in event the US gvt will propose assistance for a foothold on resources and markets and hence selling out your independence.

  3. they’ve been demanding attention for a while now, all eyes are on them, let see how they feel being terrories for a change, they had it coming, aneye for an eye

  4. any witch-hunting mob will now justify anything to attributing it to “boko hara” ,,,, that is the dangers of hysteria propaganda….. how can anything proof beyond reasonable doubts that each and everyone murdered there is a supposed “boko haram”? disturbing!

  5. They have every right to protect their families, and properties, a brother of mine will not come with intent to kill me or my family. Those are not brothers those are enemies who only come to destroy and kill.

  6. You mean they didn’t light candles and march singing we shall overcome. You mean they overcame TODAY when they did it the TRADITIONAL AFRICAN way.

  7. Where are the girls? this is another tactic to get afurskans to kill each other more. wasnt as bad until europeans. arabs came with chirstianity and islam. tribal.civil wars where not mass murderous plus where .. Ase peace out.