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‘White Privilege’ Tweet Sparks Debate In South Africa


AFRICANGLOBE – South African TV host Janez Vermeiren says white people should stop using the phrase “back in the good old days” saying it insults those who suffered under apartheid.

“It’s pretty simple. No matter how bad things are in the country at the moment, it’s better than Apartheid. Clearly a lot of white people don’t understand this. Probably the same ones that don’t understand privilege,” he tweeted.

His comments on Twitter have sparked a debate over the past few days.

Vermeiren, who is white, has had his views dismissed by some white South Africans.
“Yawn,” tweeted one person:

Another mocked the TV star by suggesting he’d lost his brain:

But other people have praised Vermeiren. One called him “a breath of fresh air”:

Another said that most of Vermeiren’s critics “were never on the receiving end” of racial injustice, adding that “the naked truth hurts”:

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