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World Must Honor President Mugabe



President Mugabe Exposes Western Hypocrisy
President Robert Mugabe of the Republic of Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE – President Mugabe deserves to be honoured by the progressive world for consistently standing up to the oppressive hegemony. At the recent UN General Assembly meeting, President Mugabe openly challenged the Western alliance’s deafening silence over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict where over 2,000 defenceless and vulnerable people were recently massacred by the Israeli army.

It is absurd and disturbing that some Western countries raise alarm when a single Western civilian is killed but turn a blind eye when the same happens to citizens of developing nations or Third World countries.

It boggles the mind to find that most Western leaders are quick to take action if one of their citizens is murdered by those fighting against Western hegemony but fail to take action when massive people are killed by their allies.

Western countries, given their big brother mentality, have always found space to bomb and destroy infrastructure of different nations thought to be behind what they call terrorism, yet scholars with their intelligence and vast research backgrounds have all failed to produce a clear definition of terrorism.

Terrorism is only defined by people with connotations suiting what they want. In essence, one man’s terrorist could be another man’s liberator.

So the concept of terrorism being used to destroy other countries by those calling themselves champions of democracy is absurd and uncalled for.

In the process of bombing the so-called terrorists, such champions of democracy like the USA, on the other hand, could be also viewed as terrorists as well, by the victims of such bombardments.

The Israeli-Palestine conflict in which citizens are killed and left homeless by the Israeli army, calls for the Western world to redefine the concept of terrorism.

State-sponsored terrorism is taking place every day in the Middle East where the Israeli army is massacring innocent and defenceless children and women.

The Western world is unwilling to take any action as they see no terrorist activities taking place because the targeted individuals in Palestine are nothing in the eyes of the West.

As such, President Mugabe is right in calling on the Western countries to take action against the Israeli government over the atrocities it has committed against the Palestinians since time immemorial.

Palestinians have been massacred day and night and President Mugabe’s call on the world to save the Palestinians from further attacks by the Israeli authorities should be taken seriously and immediate action should be taken to stop such heinous attacks on unarmed innocent people.

President Mugabe’s challenge on the Western leaders to end their deafening silence and denounce the massacre of innocent people by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, should be applauded.

The President has shown that there is no life that is more precious than another.

The Palestinians have suffered for some time under the brutal aggression of the Israeli government while the Western world remains mum just because it is its unholy ally.

The world, and the long suffering people of Palestine, deserves world leaders and statesmen like President Mugabe.

The world has looked on as Israel has committed heinous crimes such as bombing UN and Red Cross facilities, which are more egregious than what we saw of the alleged beheading of the two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Scotlof, by the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) fighters in Syria.

Ironically, these are incidents that have ostensibly used to rally all of the Western world into a war in Iraq and Syria.

The murder of the two journalists by the ISIS fighters received international media publicity that surpassed the one given to the murder of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

It only takes real statesmen to stand for the truth.


By: Mukachana Hanyani



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