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Zambia: Fearing Army Take Over, Guy Scott Bows To Pressure

A Zambian Guy Called Scott
Most Zambian MPs want Scott removed

AFRICANGLOBE – Fearing an army take over following the warnings from the defence force that they were ready to offer transition leadership in Zambia through to the January 20 presidential election, Acting President Guy Scott has budged to allow consensus in the ruling Patriotic Front.

Scott, acting on instructions from Fred M’membe and the infamous cartel, suspended Central Committee members after they had earlier suspending him throwing the leadership of Zambia into a crisis.

The military has warned that if the PF was not ready to govern, it is ready to take over effective Thursday forcing Scott and the cartel to grow cold feet on their numerous schemes to hold on to power.

Now, the Patriotic Front Central Committee will have another of the now routine yet acrimonious gatherings to try and settle the manner of electing their presidential candidate.

Guy Scott said the meeting will start at 11:00 hours today and the question of the presidential candidate and the general conference will be high on the agenda.

The meeting is expected to bring to the table all Central Committee members and hope that an agreeable route can be mapped out.

Divisions are deep with another faction led predominantly by Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu wanting the Central Committee to elect a candidate while others are for the holding of a general conference.

Amidst the circus the pro-general conference team has been pushing for preparations that have seen some aspiring candidates directly donate money towards the gathering.

Scott has been a leading advocate of the general conference, a move that has set him on a collision path with pro Lungu supporters who fear delegates are being ferried to the meeting after being given cash rewards to vote for a specific candidate.


By: Peter Adamu

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