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Zambia: I Will Not Resign, Declares Guy Scott


Zambia: I Will Not Resign, Declares Guy Scott
Most Zambian MPs want Scott removed

AFRICANGLOBE – Zambia’s embattled Acting President Dr. Guy Scott has claimed that his colleagues have no powers to remove him.

In a statement reacting to the demands calling for his immediate removal or resignation, Scott has refused to yield to the demands of Cabinet Ministers.

Scott has also refused demands from his colleagues for him to resign on moral grounds since he has lost the support of the majority Ministers.

He claimed that Article 38 (2) only confers Cabinet powers to install him but that Cabinet has no powers to remove him.

He claimed that in the case of Anderson Kambela Mazoka Vs Levy Patrick Mwanawasa the issue of who leads in the transition is settled matter.

He repeated earlier threats he made when he assumed office following the the death of President Michael Sata that any Cabinet members seeking to meet without his authority or consent would constitute an act of Treason.

On Wednesday, 17th December 2014 fourteen (14) Cabinet Ministers out of 20 demanded the resignation of Guy Scott for acts that have endangered the peace, security, and stability of the country with his provocative actions and continuous breach of the law.

They also accused him of regularly consulting private individuals when making fundamental government decisions disregarding established institutions and bodies such as Cabinet or the party’s Central Committee.

Many observers have acknowledged that Scott is likely working with forces opposing the candidature of PF President Edgar Lungu.

Scott is also accused of planning the formation and support of the newly established party, the Rainbow Party.

Scott is also seen as the force behind Miles Sampa and his legal manoeuvres.

Scott called for a, Extra-Ordinary General Conference but failed to attend it. The General Conference proceeded to elect Edgar Lungu as PF President.

When the Conference ended, Scott without legal notice, or authority of the Central Committee hastily called for a second General Conference that elected Sampa as Party President.

But Sampa was not declared as President by Returning Officer Germano Kaulongombe who said Sampa’s election was fraught with irregularity.

He stated that the Conference did not meet the required quorum and more importantly, there was a High Court Injunction barring the holding of the Conference

The ministers this morning also accused him of undermining the Patriotic Front a party that sponsored him to become a Member of Parliament.

Those that were missing on the list on account of absence or unknown reasons include Robert Sichinga, Mwansa Kapeya, Wilbur Simusa, Emmanuel Chenda and Guy Scott himself.

Yesterday PF President Edgar Lungu removed Scott as party Vice President and this disciplinary action rendered him become an ordinary member.

The presence of Minister of Finance, Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda at today’s Minister’s briefing demonstrated a huge leap of political statement as Chikwanda is deemed as the most senior member of the party despite occupying no official party position.


By: Peter Adamu

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