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Zambian Parliamentarians Demand Illegal White President Be Deported


Africa Gets It's First White President Since Apartheid
Africans are willingly marching right back into colonialism and slavery

AFRICANGLOBE – Senior Zambian Patriotic Front officials are becoming more brutal in their power struggles with Chilubi Member of Parliament Obias Chisala saying acting President Guy Scott should be deported.

Chisala said that illegal White president Guy Scott had breached the constitution by allegedly usurping the powers from Secretary General Edgar Lungu to act as President and deserved to be sent back to Scotland.

He said that Guy Scott had defied the wishes of President Michael Sata by stepping over Lungu in the cabinet meeting that Zambian Attorney General Musa Mwenye advised that the vice president was the rightful heir.

Chisala said that President Michael Sata had made it clear that Lungu was his anointed successor by leaving him to act at a very critical moment.

He said that President Michael Sata had given Lungu critical portfolios as Minister of Justice, Defence and also party Secretary General.

There has been a bitter rift in the ruling party with two camps emerging between Lungu and Scott with things coming to the head on Thursday when pro Lungu supporters marched to Scott’s office to confront him.

Sixty three Members of Parliament out of eighty two endorsed Edgar Lungu as presidential candidate after an emergency meeting chaired by Patriotic Front chairperson Inonge Wina.


By: Peter Adamu


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