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Zambians Protest Against “Illegal” White President


Zambians Protest Against Illegal White President
Guy Scott’s parents are not Zambians, which bars him from becoming president, he was appointed to the post some say illegally

AFRICANGLOBE – Hundreds of Patriotic Front cadres on Thursday afternoon took to the streets demonstrating against Zambia’s Cabinet decision to appoint Dr. Guy Scott as acting President.

The cadres were by press time marching along Cairo Road and proceeded onto Independence Avenue and are heading to Cabinet Office where Dr. Guy Scott’s official office is situated.

The cadres, mostly clad in PF regalia, are chanting slogans that demean Dr. Scott who is Acting Republican President after the death of President Michael Sata in London under mysterious circumstances.

Not all Zambians are welcoming their new White overlord

The cadres argue that Dr. Scott can not act as Republican President because he does not qualify. Dr Scott is bared from contesting the presidential elections in January because of a constitution clause on parentage.

However, there is a variety of legal interpretations regarding his position to act which was arrived at by Cabinet at State House on Wednesday morning.

Justice Minister Edgar Lungu, who was handed the instruments of power before President Sata departed for a medical check up, said the constitution states that in an event of a vacancy in the Office of the President, his deputy assumes office for 90 days leading to a presidential by-election.


By: Peter Adamu


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