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Zimbabwe Election: Presidential Race Hots Up

President Mugabe Campaign
President Mugabe on the campaign trail

AFRICANGLOBE – Presidential candidates spent the weekend hunting for votes in various parts of the country, with just 9 days to go before the crucial Zimbabwe elections.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai took his campaign to Bulawayo, Gweru and KweKwe, while ZANU PF President Robert Mugabe was in Gwanda for a star rally, Saturday.

On Saturday MDC leader Welshman Ncube was in Siachilaba in Binga, launching his party’s election manifesto.

In Bulawayo Tsvangirai urged his supporters to choose their next president wisely. He told tens of thousands of party supporters that the July 31st election was a choice between darkness and prosperity.

‘What can they do in the next five years that they failed to do in the last 33 years? he asked, adding that ZANU PF is clueless and voting them back into power will be retrogressive.

In Gweru on Sunday, the Prime Minister challenged both Mugabe and Ncube to a public debate ahead of the elections.

‘As we move closer to the election, I am also challenging Mugabe to a live debate on television, where each one of us will articulate our policies on how to make Zimbabwe a better place.

‘I am challenging all the presidential candidates to a public debate so that Zimbabweans can see who has the best plan to uplift the lives of Zimbabweans.’ Tsvangirai added.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe said he would have been arrested for contempt of court had he not declared July 31 the date for elections.

Addressing tens of thousands of party supporters at a rally in Gwanda, President Mugabe said he had no choice but to comply with a Constitutional Court judgment that polls be held before the end of July.

‘I could have declared July 1 or 2 or 15, but I chose the last day of the month so that we could prepare for elections, but they still say they wanted more time. What did you want me to do? I could have been arrested.’


By: Tichaona Sibanda 

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