Zimbabwe To Meet The Electricity Demand With China

Zimbabwe To Meet The Electricity Demand With China

Shanghai Electric Group is making an allowance with three Chinese firms for setting up a coal mine and a 1200MW thermal power station in Western Zimbabwe, according to the bureaucrats of firm. The Southern African countries are facing power-cuts due to the incapability of production which is 1000MW and fulfilling only half of the national demand.

Shanghai Electric is coordinating with Shenergy Co Ltd and Nan Jiang Group to make Southern Africa Shanghai Company (SASEC) which is going to construct the power plant and excavation coal in the Zimbabwe’s western excavating belt.

Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the enterprises, which joins a mounting list of Chinese initiatives, looking for countries which are eagerly waiting for foreign investment. Jonathan Kadzura, chairman of the southern Africa unit of Nan Jiang, said that the conglomerate are in talks with the Zimbabwe’s government for a mining and power generation licence. “They want to build the power station in three stages up to 1,200 MW and they are going to finance it as an independent power producer,” Kadzura said.

It will take three years to produce the first 300MW. Public-sector Zimbabwe Power Company would purchase the electricity and the electricity will also be exported to the area.

Zimbabwe’s President, the 90-year-old leader, Robert Mugabe, has progressively hunted assistance from China in the deficiency of subsidy from the West. China’s Sino Hydro is in progress to complement 300MW to Kariba hydro power plant.

“We can also offer finance and investments in the power industry. We hope we can help you build power stations and to mitigate the shortage of power,” Shanghai Electric’s president Zheng Jianhua said at the signing ceremony. Sino Hydro is working on a project worth $ 1.3 billion to add 600MW at the Hwange coal-fired power station while China Sunlight Energy is working on energy project worth $ 2 billion.

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