Zimbabwe Opposition Split Engineered In The West

Zimbabwe Opposition Split Engineered In The West
Members of Zimbabwe’s opposition MDC

AFRICANGLOBE – Political organisations that are formed under the guise of academic freedom and whose so-called intellectual members use universities and university students to front their political agendas are bound to fail. Political institutions that are formed under the asymmetric cover of the need to uphold tenets of democracy, human rights, rule of law and corporate governance are destined for serious trouble such as happened with the MMD in Zambia, and is happening with the MDC formations in Zimbabwe.

Political parties that are founded and sustained by Western donor funds to cover the West’s regime change agendas (that seek to protect Western interests) are bound to experience political turmoil as is the case with the MDC formations.

The MDC national elective congress is said to be constitutionally pencilled for 2015 though as an amendment.

However, events taking place give an impression that the factional fighting taking place shows that the MDC-T does not have self-respect.

They seem not to agree on a day to allow a peaceful democratic electoral process to take place.

Surprisingly, the MDC formations were guided at formation by a theme of academic freedom derived from a CODESRIA journal titled “The State of Academic Freedom in Africa” which says: “The right to impart information is applicable not only to ‘information’ or ‘ideas’ that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the state or any sector of the population”.

Ironically, the West, in its quest to protect, as usual, its national interests, lured the intellectuals in the MDC formations to enter into politics under the guise of academic freedom.

The Western objective here was to use the so-called academic freedom spearheaded by intellectuals to offend, shock and disturb the State (Zimbabwe) with a view of ultimately assisting the intellectuals to gain political power and then later reverse the land reform and indigenisation programmes.

The funding of the intellectuals such as Professors Ncube, Mukonoweshuro and Dzinotyiwei just to mention a few, was phenomenal.

Institutions such as USAID, DFID and NED were heavily involved behind the scenes, crafting and directing what was supposed to be done.

ZANU-PF, its Government and all the Zimbabwean security apparatus, were characterised as tyrants, autocrats, brutal and violent people who collectively deserved death.

Fellow Zimbabweans, international human rights law places a responsibility upon academics not to “engage in any advocacy of racial, ethnic, religion or national hatred which constitute, or is likely to lead to discrimination, hostility or violence”.

However, such nobility was forsaken by the West and such intellectuals as Tendai Biti, Dzinotyiwei, Ncube, Mukonoweshuro and others who formed and institutionalised violence in the MDC under the guise of democracy, human rights and good governance. Real hypocrisy from them isn’t it?

Zimbabwe's Foreign Backed Opposition In Shambles
MDC-T moneymen Roy Bennett and Elton Mangoma want Tsvangirai (centre) to step down

Speaking on local media last Friday, British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Deborah Bronnert explained why Britain imposed the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.

She proudly indicated that it was because of lack of human rights and good governance.

The question to Her Excellency is:  Now that the factional fighting in the political party (MDC-T) – which Britain passionately supports financially has done what could easily be called a “political coup” something undemocratic – which of these undemocratic factions is her country going to support and for what    reasons?

Honestly, both sides acted undemocratically by suspending each other’s members from the party when the elective congress is by the corner.

Both factions are undemocratically and inhumanly positioning themselves for fraudulent leadership positions during their congress.

ZANU-PF has been on record accusing the MDC formations of employing a culture of violence imported from the West which funds them.

Many analysts have observed the hidden hand of the ex-Rhodies in the MDC formations as the architects of the violence that the MDC formations practised.

Now that the factional fighting in the MDC-T has clearly unveiled MDC’s violent nature which ZANU-PF levelled against them and the ex-Rhodies factor behind the MDC-T violence and divisions as reported in the private media; whither the MDC-T and the West?

ZANU PF has continuously pointed a finger at the donor community in Zimbabwe for fanning instability by assisting the opposition in creating a violent environment.

This claim was met with discerning voices from the MDC formations who, surprisingly, are now accusing the Western donors for causing divisions in them.

Surprisingly, too, these pseudo merchants of democracy are accusing ZANU- PF and security agencies for siding with the Western donors in causing disharmony between themselves.

Nkrumah said “the only good imperialist is a dead one”! Thus the West will never be democratic and respect African human rights.

As has been proven by their involvement in MDC’s infighting, the West is now using the withdrawal of its funding from the Tsvangirai faction as a carrot and stick for branding and terming the new look MDC-T led by Biti to remain ideologically guided by the West.

The claim by the Biti faction that the suspension of Morgan Tsvangirai and five other MDC members was done to restore democracy and the rule of law in the MDC party is just a smokescreen.

One finds it difficult to believe since the new-look MDC remained with the majority of those who practised for over a decade the culture of violence still littering their ranks.

Fellow Zimbabweans, the turmoil in the MDC-T is a political machination engineered by the West as a strategy of rebranding MDC-T with a view of it carrying out the same original agenda of regime change.

Many analysts do not believe the new- look MDC will ever abandon the use of violence which has been in their DNA for over a decade.


By: Panganai Kahuni


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