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Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Programme Almost Complete


Zimbabwe's Land Reform Programme Almost Complete
Robert Mugabe has cemented his legacy as the only leader in Africa who took his people’s land back from colonial settlers

AFRICANGLOBE – Sixteen years after President Robert Mugabe launched a widely popular land reclamation programme, officials say the exercise is now almost complete.

A Cabinet minister says they have no more land to parcel out to new farmers in Zimbabwe, and what is left must be kept in reserve.

It was 16 years ago that the land reclamation, led by war veterans, marked the start of the fast track land reform exercise.

A state newspaper says that exercise is now almost complete, and Zimbabwe has virtually no land left to distribute to its new farmers.

In all, 14.5 million hectares of land has been handed over to their original owners.

Lands Minister Douglas Mombeshora told the Sunday Mail that the 900,000 hectares left will be kept by the government in reserve.

The minister says the focus will now move to carrying out a land audit to check whether the land’s being properly used by its new owners.


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