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Zlitan: NATO's Libyan War Crimes Massacre and the Media Whiteout


Ask the NY Times’ Foreign News Editor and Publisher why the Times has not assigned one of its correspondents to cover this reported massacre of Libyan civilians by NATO in Zliten, Libya. NATO has resolved to achieve Nicholas Sarkozy’s determination for regime change –and to save his own re-election campaign in France– at any cost.

Sarkozy won his first presidential run when, in part, Muammar al-Gaddafi reportedly subsidized his campaign; this time Sarkozy believes he can only win by killing al-Gaddafi and conquering Libya. When was the last time Sarkozy, and his accomplices in the war of aggression on Libya, David Cameron and President Barack Obama, spoke about being in Libya to “save” civilians?

That would be a difficult sell after the reported killing of 85 civilians by NATO.

Also ask Editor Winter and Publisher Sulzberger why the Times has not sent a correspondent to Misurata to investigate the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans reported in The Wall Street Journal on June 21. The Times only made sanitized reference to the ethnic cleansing this past Saturday, after weeks of several critical editorials by blaack media outlets.

Would the Times have ignored such massacres had these victims been White; or would there have been a few front page stories and even editorials calling for an investigation of NATO and a ceasefire? Yet some people still delusionally talk about a “post-racial” America and world.

You may want to pose these questions to the Foreign News editor Winter and Publisher Sulzberger as well. Why do we even talk about having “free” and “objective” media in this country? If Libyan coverage can be this selective and corrupted, to conform with the interests of a newspaper’s editorial board or publisher –and the U.S. government’s –then what else are we not being informed about, or what are we being misinformed about, when it comes to domestic U.S issues?

You can rest assured that a newspaper cannot conduct selective and corrupted journalism somewhere and still be “objective” or balanced elsewhere in its coverage. So what does this say about a “major” newspaper, and the individual people who control it, when an executive decision can be made to ignore news about massacres simply because they would disrupt the pre-determined “narrative” of the Libyan story which is regime change at any cost?

Readers are the only people that can demand that media stop co-participating, as partners, with U.S. and NATO’s foreign policy agenda in Libya and to get back to reporting, even when the crimes are committed by NATO. This is even more critical when priorities should be recovering economies and jobs, including in the U.S. where 14 million people remain unemployed.

By demanding that the Times live up to higher standards of journalism, readers will also be helping the Times to liberate itself from the stench of its too-close association with the U.S. government’s agenda. Readers will also help free the “reporters” who are being forced to participate in the corporrate media news whiteout because they fear losing their paychecks.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich previously wrote a letter to the International Criminal Court (ICC) asking for the court to investigate NATO on possible war crimes. Call Rep. Kucinich at (202) 202-225-5871 and ask that he publicly call for the ICC to investigate NATO’s commanders.

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