10 Significant Projects That Were Completed In Africa In 2014

4. Abu Jifar Airport, Ethiopia

At the cost of $49 million, the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise reconstructed Abu Jifar Airport in the town of Jimma in Oromia state, Ethiopia’s largest region. The new airport, aiming at boosting regional trade and country’s tourism, will handle flights between Addis Ababa, Gambela, Assosa and Arbaminch the capital cities of Gambela and Benishangul-Gumuz regions and the largest city in the Gamo Gofa Omo zone respectively.

The airport is able to accommodate 220 passengers at any given time and serve aircrafts the size of a Boeing B737 jetliner, used by Ethiopian Airlines. Today, a plane ticket from Addis-Ababa to Jimma costs approximately $200 return. (Completed in April 2014)