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This 11-Year-Old Girl Has More Ambition Than Most Adults


This 11-Year-Old Girl Has More Ambition Than Most Adults
Entrepreneur Asia Newson

AFRICANGLOBE – Her name is Asia Newson, but most people know her as “Super Business Girl.” Newson, 11 years old, has defied odds to start her own candle and branded merchandise business, selling them to customers through one-on-one conversations on the streets of Detroit.

She started the business at the tender age of five and has surged forward to the point of selling the products online through her www.superbusinessgirl.com website thus supplementing her personal sales approach.

For most people who’ve had a chance to watch her talk to potential buyers or those she’s actually sold her products to, she has a powerful marketing tone that wins people’s hearts.

A number of people have made praising comments about her. ABC News reporter said “she can sell dust to a desert” while another person referred to her in just one word: “fearless.” Another lady she met on the streets just pulled out a hundred dollar bill without even waiting for her to complete her message.

Newson’s business acumen, drive, and more importantly, her marketing tone are some of her strongest points. She passionately tells her potential customers about her products and even rightfully says in her pitch that she “talks brick out of water.”

Her sales prowess has won her the admiration of NBA team owner Dan Gilbert and has equally earned her material support from the founders of Bamboo Detroit who’ve provided her with free space and internet connection to help her run her business more efficiently. In addition to the aforementioned, the Bamboo Detroit team also offers her tips on how to improve her business.

Well, some would argue that she’s a cute little girl whose glowing beauty is a jump-start for her sales, but according to the young entrepreneur, it’s her love and motivation for what she does that keeps her going, though she admits that her looks may be a little to her advantage — yes, just a little.

Newson has been interviewed by ABC News 2020, Ellen, and TEDx Talk. Interestingly, none of the attention has made her stop hitting the pavement to do what she does best.

While many people would be comfortable with personal growth alone, Newson goes the extra mile to train other kids to be entrepreneurs, motivating them to fully exploit their potential. Her mission is to “recognize the true potential in every child and to develop intrinsic security that makes optimum use of their individualized talent”.

Newson has bigger dreams of having schools all across the globe where vulnerable youths are taught entrepreneurship for self empowerment. She’s also looking forward to expanding her business into a chain store where people can purchase her branded products.


By: Victor Ochieng

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