The 40 Highest-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without A Bachelor’s Degree


40. First-line supervisors of correctional officers

AFRICANGLOBE – When the economy started to show troubling signs, many decided to skip college and join the workforce earlier. According to the Bureau of labour Statistics, more than 60 percent of U.S. workers don’t have a bachelor’s degree, but if you have an associate’s degree, a postsecondary non-degree award, or a high school diploma, you can still get a high-paying job.

The BLS provided a list of 80 high-paying occupations that don’t require a college degree. The median annual wages listed include hourly, weekly, annual pay, sales commissions, and production bonuses. Overtime wages are not included in the data.

We also included the expected job openings through 2020 and what kind of work experience or on-the-job training are needed for a particular job.

Median annual wage (May 2010): $55,910

Degree required: High school diploma

Projected job openings (Through 2020): 16,500

Work experience: 1 to 5 years

Description: Coordinate the investigation of criminal cases, train staff, and oversee other tasks related to police operations.

On-the-job training: Moderate-term on-the-job training