5 High-Paying Careers That Don’t Require A 4-Year College Degree


5. Commercial Pilot/ $73,280

AFRICANGLOBE – Why do students graduating from high school go to college? The answer seems simple: to get a better-paying job. And they are correct. For the most part. But a four-year college program is not for everyone, especially low-income students who just can’t afford it. The good news is that there are other options for poor students to get a high-paying job without a four-year degree.

Other Options That Lead To High-Paying Jobs

This does not mean that students can jump into a high-paying job right out of high school. What is does mean is that if they are willing to work hard and train, they can land a job that pays well. A recent evaluation of other career options by career-guidance website CareerCast revealed plenty of programs available for students that pay up to $70,000+ a year. Here are 5 to consider, along with estimated salary potential.

A commercial pilot does not transport passengers but can learn to fly aircraft for charter flights, rescue operations, firefighting, and aerial photography through a licensing and certification program.

5 High-Paying Careers That Don't Require A 4-Year College Degree