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5 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses


5 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses
Black consumers must begin to practice group economics

AFRICANGLOBE – Black-owned businesses need your support.

In 2011, it was reported that by 2015, Black buying power in the U.S. could reach $1.1 trillion. But that money doesn’t always go back to the Black community. If that’s one of your priorities, giving back to Black-owned businesses is a great way support Black entrepreneurs.

However, unless you live in Columbus, Montgomery or Atlanta, Georgia (the top three cities for Black-owned businesses), it requires a little more effort to find and support these kinds of initiatives.

From shopping online to trying out different apps, here are five ways you can support Black-owned businesses.

1. Locate local businesses.

One of the most convenient ways to support Black-owned businesses is by finding the ones in your area. It’s simple to do and can make shopping at these businesses easier. Try sites like Black Owned Biz and Support Black Owned to find spots near you.

2. Download these apps.

Apps like Black Owned Businesses and Around the Way (both free on Google Play and the App Store) are some mobile options. Both locate nearby businesses. The former has a push notification when new locations pop up in your area.

3. Shop online.

From hair products to jewelry to art, online shopping can be your best bet when it comes to supporting the business of your choice. The blog Afrobella compiled a huge list of online vendors, from popular solo sellers to Etsy stores.

4. Spread the word on social media.

Once you find businesses you like, make sure other people know about them. Everyone loves having a secret, favorite local spot, but that doesn’t bring those businesses any revenue. Twitter,Facebook and Tumblr are all great starting places to spread the word about local business you love.

5. Host events at Black-owned businesses.

Have a birthday, meeting or special event coming up? Keep a local Black business in mind. Not only does this spread awareness, it brings new customers through the door.

There are also ways to incorporate small businesses if you’re hosting an event elsewhere. Catering and party planning, for instance, are great ways to bring Black-owned businesses into any event you throw.


By: Yohana Desta

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