African Union Supports Zimbabwe on Minerals

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AFRICANGLOBE – African nations have been called upon to defend Zimbabwe against the evil machinations of Western countries that are against the country’s trade in diamonds and other strategic minerals.

Delegates at a recent Pan African Forum held in Luanda, Angola, noted that “African sources and resources do stand in isolation but are affected by global culture which is becoming more and more individualistic and materialistic.”

Speaking at the official opening of the forum, which ran from March 26 to 28, Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos called on Africans to join hands in safeguarding their natural resources from the hands of third parties who try to manipulate the development of the continent.

“As Africans it is our sole duty to help each other protect our resources,” he said.

“There is a tendency where some Western countries say Africa is rich in minerals but is poor, it’s because they exploited our resources during the colonial era and are still exploiting Africans on the international market such as the case in Zimbabwe.

“We are going to fight against this war on diamonds and other minerals and support our fellow neighbours in their quest for sustainable development of natural resources without interference,” he said.

In an interview in Harare last week, the Acting Secretary-General of the Unesco Commission in Zimbabwe, Dr Temba Petros Ndlovu, who was the country’s representative at the forum, disclosed that Zimbabwe’s cause received overwhelming support from delegates.

“The forum examined natural resources especially diamonds that are found across the continent.

“The African Union also pledged its support to Zimbabwe to ensure that the country’s resources are protected without being constrained by foreign motives which now present challenges and potential sources of conflict and crisis.

“Since we have all the support, I urge all the Zimbabweans to take part in safeguarding our precious minerals and my call particularly goes to the youth who are the ones used in the conflicts.

“The youth’s involvement in the construction and consolidation of peace is essential,” he said.

The Unesco-sponsored ceremony attracted AU delegates, government representatives and Pan Africanists from 54 African countries who debated on the way forward regarding the safeguarding of natural resources.

A regional movement was also launched for the promotion of peace under the auspices of Unesco to promote a culture of non-violence among the youths who were urged to mobilise and come up with developmental projects.

The forum also came up with a plan of action for the prevention of unfair treatment in international markets. The plans are expected to be tabled before the African Union heads of state and government summit set for next month.


By: Nomore Kudzedzereka