ANC Open to Nationalisation of Mines

The ANC has taken an “open-ended” approach to nationalisation of the mines, spokesman Keith Khoza said on Friday.

“It is misleading to say the ANC has agreed to nationalisation of the mines… it is not a foregone conclusion that there will be nationalisation but we are not opposed to nationalisation.

“We are saying it must be looked at as an option and if it is looked at as an option, we must see what is the best practice.”

He said the terms of reference of the task team was clear, to look at applicability and best practice.

He was responding to questions over comments made by Cosatu economist Chris Malekane at a debate on the contentious economic policy on Thursday.

Malekane said the task team established by the ANC to examine nationalisation was not looking at the feasibility of the policy, but was exploring the most appropriate model to implement.

“If you say business needs certainty to make investments… this is the certainty you need to have, that what is being discussed now is models,” Malekane said.

Last year, the ANC’s national general council directed its national executive committee to form a task team to explore the viability of nationalisation and the state playing a greater role in key sectors of the economy.

Khoza said people should not speak on behalf of the ANC.

The NGC resolution on the ANC’s website reads: “The NGC reaffirms the ANC’s approach that the transformation of the South African economy should always be holistic and comprehensive, covering all sectors of the economy. In this regard, the ANC should ensure greater state involvement and control of strategic sectors of the economy,

“There was greater consensus in the commission on the nationalisation of mines and other strategic sectors of the economy. The NGC therefore mandated the NEC to ensure further work be done, including research, study tours and discussions, and to report to the Policy Conference for decision at National Conference in 2012.”