Angola Wants to Become Next African Tech Hub

Angola Wants to Become Next African Tech Hub
Angolan flag

AFRICANGLOBE – The South-West African nation of Angola has expressed a desire to become a technological and internet hub in Africa.

The commercial and marketing director of Angola Cable, Artur Mendes stressed the importance of developing the country.

“Making Angola a Hub is putting the country on the map of internet and telecommunications,” he said.

Angola is currently connected to the world through sub-marine optical fibre which run between Europe and South Africa, but the nation wants to enjoy independence from South Africa in terms of internet and future ICT.

Angola plans to do this through two projects, which are currently underway. “To achieve this objective in the telecommunications area (we are) aimed at connecting Angola and South America (Brazil), and from there North America through submarine optical fibre cables,” wrote Angola Press.

“To be a telecommunications and internet hub of the continent, is to bring to the country through sub-marine cables every content (video, voice and data) of great internet providers like Microsoft, Google and others and be able to communicate with neighbouring countries,” they added.


By: Charlie Fripp