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Angola Among Africa’s Top Seven in Private Investments


Angola Luanda
Angola today is in the midst of a building boom

AFRICANGLOBE – Angola is the seventh African country with major private investments and the 25th in amount of investments out of a total of 208 nations of the world.

The information was released on Thursday in Luanda by the head of the Legal Office of the National Agency of Private Investment (ANIP), the State’s department responsible for the Government private investment policies.

Speaking to Angop, José Tchijamba added that several local and foreign investors have expressed interest in economic activities in the provinces of Luanda, Luanda, Malanje, Huambo, Bié, Bengo, Huíla and Kwanza Sul.

According to him, over the years the country has been relying on oil revenues but there is now a change in priorities with a growing focus on such industries as those of transformation, civil construction and agriculture.

“We have as our objective to promote the development of the economic and job markets of the private sector and thus contribute to the growth and modernisation of the country, stimulate the creation of partnerships between national and foreign entrepreneurs, as well as characterise the location of projects, by promoting exports and providing more security to the promoters of investment,” he said.

Meanwhile, José Tchijamba said five of 30 private investment projects approved earlier on for the south-western Namibe province were located in February this year.

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