Angola: New Train Service to Boost Regional Development

The circulation of the CFB train from the Angola’s port city of Lobito, central Benguela, to Huambo province will boost the region’s economic growth.

This was said Tuesday in Huambo by the local governor, Fernando Faustino Muteka.

Faustino Muteka was speaking at the inauguration by the head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, of the Benguela Railway (CFB) station in Huambo, thus restoring traffic in the region after 27 years out of operation.

The Governor added that train circulation will bring prices of goods and services down, including the cost of transportation of goods from Lobito.

To Faustino Muteka, the rehabilitation of the CFB is crucial as it is a relevant infrastructure for the wellbeing of the population of the region.

He recalled that being the CFB the only railway connection between central Africa and the Atlantic Ocean and an essential part of the country’s logistic chain, it is an infrastructure that will bring about development and prosperity.

On the occasion, Fernando Faustino Muteka highlighted the effort being made by the Executive and by the head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, in releasing the finantial resources that enabled the traffic between Lobito and Huambo.