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Angolan Economy Will Remain Stable

Angolan Economy Growth
Angola has one of the world’s fastest growing economies

AFRICANGLOBE – The Angolan economy will continue to record a high security and stability trend, said Wednesday the Angola Reserve Bank (BNA) governor, José Lima Massano.

The BNA official was speaking in Luena, eastern Moxico province, during the presentation of the new series of banknotes and coins of the Angolan currency (Kwanza).

José Massano added that money circulation is a relevant factor in the country’s economy, with respect for the economic initiatives of the folks.

The official asserted the need to improve the security features of the banknotes with a view to efficacious economic and financial transactions.

He recalled that since the country attained peace in 2002, it has been recording high levels of economic growth that ensure the populations’ wellbeing.

According to him, the Executive is working to make the currency better known as the main instrument of payment and exchange in commercial transactions in the country.

In his turn, addressing the ceremony, Moxico province governor, João Ernesto dos Santos, said the new series of Kwanza bills will fulfil its classic functions of economic theory and political symbol, and boost production and supply of goods and services.

He also spoke of the need to internationalise the Kwanza and make it stronger.

The ceremony was witnessed by members of the local Government, bank officials, traders and students.

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