Aviation Expert Makes Case for Cargo Airport in Nigeria

Lagos International Airport

Nigeria is ripe for a cargo airport that will serve the West African sub-region and also complement the ongoing mass rehabilitation and development of the transport sector in the country.

An aeronautic engineer and former Rector of the Nigerian College of Aviation technology (NCAT) Engineer Angus Ifeanyi Ozoka said this in Abuja.

Ozoka, who described a cargo airport as a hub, said an airport must have a cargo receiving, transferring, processing and saving center before it could be a cargo hub that will qualify being a cargo airport.

He said in the meantime, hub has not really developed anywhere in West Africa; not even at the Murtala International airport.

“And most cargo airports around the world survive because they are totally dedicated to cargo business. They serve UPS, DHL and FedEx. These are three major operators of cargo business in the world,” he said.

“Most of them have selected airports that they have made hubs. They fly in all things from all over the world into that place. Their people on the ground there will then distribute them. For you to have a successful cargo airport, you must look for people that will operate cargo at that airport. You won’t just name an airport as a hub and expect goods to bring themselves. You need to get people to operate there dedicatedly,” he added.