Barbadian Entrepreneur Looks to Expand Across the Caribbean

Fashion designer Rozana Moseley

Determined to make La Rosa Couture Inc. synonymous with leadership in the region’s garment manufacturing industry, Barbadian entrepreneur Rozana Moseley is living her dream and loving it.

After 13 years in the industry, and an interest dating back to high school, ambition met opportunity just over a year ago, resulting in Moseley’s acquisition of her own business and giving birth to a lifelong dream.

“It feels great, honestly, I love it!” the new business owner remarked on being at the helm of her 10-month old ‘baby’, which is swiftly gaining respect while filling a long-time void within the local and regional fashion industry.

Moseley, a member of the BIM Ventures family of entrepreneurs, noted that in addition to producing high-quality, customised clothing for individuals, La Rosa Couture was established to fill a niche in the fashion industry, where many designers were unable to reproduce their couture or fashionable garments to exact specifications, and in the large quantities demanded.

“We reproduce garments at the same standard so that on completion they all look the same. As a result, designers do not have to give up big contracts since there is now a manufacturer who can fulfill their orders for them,” she explained.

But small contracts remained an integral part of the company’s expanding portfolio for a reason, she maintained.

“We produce from one garment to hundreds; our focus is on quality not quantity. So, if a person is starting a boutique and they only want a dozen of a particular garment, we can supply that,” she pledged, noting their flexibility was welcomed by many regional clients unable to source such level of service in their home nations.

Keen to assist in the future development of the industry which she loves, the 35-year old entrepreneur cited marketing, high service standards, customer satisfaction and staff buy-in as critical components for taking business, and the sector, in general, to the next level.

Within five years, Moseley envisions La Rosa Couture serving between five to 10 countries in the region with “high quality” couture representing at least 80 percent of its production.

Purchased from a British expatriate in August 2010, the manufacturing outfit officially opened its doors last December and continues to aim high.