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Black Men – The New Exploited Female



Black Men - The New Exploited Female
TARGETED: Black men in Britain face being stopped 27 times more than White counterparts

AFRICANGLOBE – So what have we learnt this Black History Month? Firstly Black men are the new women and secondly there was a bright side to racism.

The third of my State of Black Britons radio programmes on BBC London 94.9 discussed the state of the Black pound/economy and brought up the frightening spectre that Black men, despite their obvious macho postures are actually the pussycats of the economy.

Especially young Black men between the ages of 16 and 25 who are still more likely to be unemployed than any other group of people. The demoralisation and frustration of being rejected from even the most menial of tasks is tantamount to castration of our young men, or at the very least neutering.

Despite all their macho posturing, young Black men are brought to their knees in the job market or at the very least forced to discover their feminine side and act effeminately enough for those who hold the balance of power to feel comfortable enough to kick them about in a place of work without getting a slap back in return. This is what we have to go through to get a job. Especially if you’re a big Black man and you want to become a TV star.

You see why I say that Black men are really just pussycats?

But what is more feminising is not getting a job at all. As every woman knows when you’ve been sitting on your tush for weeks and months and even years drawing dole, you end up conceding that it is a man’s, man’s world and you will have to use your womanly wiles to get along. So it is for a young Black man. It usually takes longer for the penny to drop and for Black men to accept the notion that this is a White man’s world and that they will have to use all their womanly wiles to get along.

Sometimes it takes years and years because there is a certain resistance from Black men to find their feminine side and to use it for what it’s worth. No young Black man wants to be seen as a pussy cat. On the other hand, you can’t sit on your bottom forever; eventually you have to concede to being emasculated.

I am not by any stretch of the imagination suggesting that women are simply emasculated men. That would be absurd. But you will concede as in ancient times emasculated men (aka eunuchs) were always sopranos.

So Black men are the new women of the work force. They will always get the roughest treatment, the lowest pay and the most sexual exploitation. God help them if they get pregnant!


By: Dotun Adebayo


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