Black People Don’t Support Black Businesses

Black People Don't Support Black Businesses
Asians receive more support from Blacks than Black owned businesses

AFRICANGLOBE – Why don’t Black people support Black businesses? To expand on that why don’t Black businesses support other Black businesses?

I have noticed this trend. People claim that they will support businesses and will help out and purchase items, but when time comes- they are no where to be found. Black people do a lot of talking and not a lot of doing.

This trend of not supporting one another is why many of us do not succeed. I am not saying hire every Black person you meet or purchase from every Black person you meet, but why not support those that actually have talent and potential. Or how about mentor someone?

I have always been very observant and I catch everything. It is very interesting and intriguing to watch the dynamics of the Black community from dherbs to facebook to twitter to personal life. I have come to the conclusion that majority of the people are all talk, especially on the internet, you can use the internet as a guise to act like you follow a certain path and then turn right back around and not follow through on your words.

I am always thinking, planning, theorizing, and I came to the conclusion that somethings are just clear cut; we don’t like ourselves, so we don’t trust ourselves enough to support one another.

I am the type of person if I am ‘competing’ against you, and you ask me a question- I will give you the resources or the answer. I like to compete with the best. I want other people to succeed like me. I am on my path to greatness and whoever is around me, I want them to have the same chance as me.

My younger siblings, all are into business and I pass along all the knowledge I have acquired. I tell them what worked for me and what didn’t and I say why. Some have chosen to take all the information and use it, others have chosen to ignore(which is fine). Other people who are like me starting new businesses, if I find a great resource, I send it to them. I dont feel the need to be stingy, because in the end no one can do you, like you. I don’t have competition, because I am my own competition, that is why I willingly help others.

What is sad is when a Black person gives advice and it isnt heeded, but that person turns right around and takes the same advice from a non Black person. Or when a Black person offers a great service, but the potential Black customer turns right around and gives it to a person who is non-Black. The service can be equal, but a large percentage of the time, people will choose the non-Nlack person.

People are not appreciative because they are used to getting things free(the hookup). The hookup is what probably is deterring people from supporting/purchasing in the community. People want to get things for free or heavily discounted. Next time you try to get a hookup, ask yourself “Would I walk into the Apple store and ask for a free iPod” “Would I got to Whole Foods and ask for a free buffet” “Would I go to Macy’s and ask for free clothes”. It seems like people want freebies from new businesses or businesses that don’t have a big name. A name does not always constitute quality. A color does not always constitute quality.

Its just a shame that people I know who have quality services don’t get business. And most of them say “people were always calling me when I was offering my services for free, now that I charge, they are nowhere to be found. Or when they are around they always want for free, discounted, or try to find a way around paying”

I hope one day people change and learn to support and engage. Because with support and engagement, comes confidence. With confidence comes empowerment and finally wiith empowerment comes success.

I rarely use the word the “a” word(All). This post applies to some, however, in this case it might as well be all.


By: Lisa-Marie Pierre


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