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AFRICANGLOBE – As the holiday shopping season comes to a close, wants shoppers to continue to support the Black American business community and buy Black in the New Year.

“After the gifts are given away, you are still going to have birthdays, need school clothes, hair conditioner, shaving products, and lots of other things throughout the year. Those things are available on our website because we want you to support Black American businesses all year long,” says founder Brian Williams.

His website,, is a platform where Black owned & Black servicing businesses sell their products directly through their own webstores similar to Amazon marketplace. Categories include hair care, skin care, gifts, clothes, accessories, art and décor. PurchaseBlack chooses each company on the site through an application that is open to any business, as long as they offer high quality, well made products that African Americans love.

Black Americans have a buying power of over 1.1 trillion dollars, which is enough to be the 16th largest economy on earth. “That type of buying ability is powerful,” says Williams. “Directing this buying power towards African American businesses can not only build a stronger community, but also a stronger country. The positive effects can be astounding and we want to direct that to grow businesses on”

A few webstores on the site includes a skin care products company for Black men, an award winning hair care company, a natural hair and skin care company, and a new luxury clothing line that just recently launched, all of which are Black owned. “Since buying items on myself, I have thrown away several items I have gotten at a local mass retailer because the products from PurchaseBlack were just plain better for me. I believe it’s because they are better suited for my unique needs as an African American.”

Williams was inspired to start during his graduate MBA studies at the University of Texas. “The director of the Full Time MBA program at UT encouraged me when I asked to independently focus on African American business success. I discovered an opportunity to assist African American businesses and be an asset to the African American community. Through, African Americans can find products that matter to them, help grow Black owned & Black servicing businesses, and contribute positively to our own community. All we have to do is Buy Black, and my website is where we can do it!” launched on November 29th, 2013, and within its first few days has gotten tens of thousands of views and its founder has appeared on national television.

You can connect with purchaseblack on their Facebook page, @PurchaseBlack on Twitter, Youtube, or on Google Plus. If your business is interested in opening a free webstore on the website, click “Become A Seller” at the bottom of the PurchaseBlack front page for information.


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