Check Out Fomi’s Luxury Leather Handbag Collection Made In Ethiopia

Check Out Fomi's Luxury Leather Handbag Collection Made In Ethiopia
FOMI handbags

AFRICANGLOBE – Initially the prospect of developing a handbag line in Africa seemed daunting, but that became Afomia Tesfaye’s motivation in creating FOMI.

In early 2011, she made the decision to leave Los Angeles to travel back to her native homeland of Ethiopia with the intention of designing a collection of accessories. After researching the country’s indigenous resources, she discovered a little known fact, that Ethiopia produces some of the world’s finest quality leather.

FOMI handbags are a testament to the fact that it is possible for fashion companies to ethically produce luxury goods in Africa, without compromising on quality and craftsmanship. Tesfaye believes that the fashion manufacturing industry could prove to be a vital economic sector for the continent.

“By creating beautiful modern accessories in Africa, my goal is to help dispel some of the negative perceptions people have about the continent. I hope the love I have for Ethiopia comes across in these designs.”

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