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Congolese Engineers Develop Solar Powered “RoboCops”


Congolese Engineers Develop Solar Powered "RoboCop"
Kinshasa’s “RoboCop”

AFRIICANGLOBE – There are RoboCops in Congo. Literally. In Kinshasa, the capital city of Congo, two large robots  have replaced police officers in directing traffic and pedestrians. Standing 8 feet tall, the solar-powered robots are equipped with multiple cameras, opening the potential for monitoring traffic and issuing tickets.

“If a driver says that it is not going to respect the robot because it’s just a machine the robot is going to take that and there will be a ticket for him,” Isaie Therese, the engineer behind the project told China Central Television Africa.

“We are a poor country and our government is looking for money. And I will tell you that with the roads the government has built, it needs to recover its money,” she added.

Commuter Demouto Mutombo told CCTV Africa through an interpreter: “As a motorcyclist I’m very happy with the robot’s work. Because when the traffic police control the cars here there’s still a lot of traffic. But since the robot arrived, we see truly that the commuters are respectful.”


By: Kevin Mwanza


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