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Dash2do, Another Kenyan Technology Innovation


Dash2do Kenyan Technology

AFRICANGLOBE – Dash2do helps busy people with daily tasks through its online platform.

Finding someone trustworthy to run an errand for you in Nairobi could be a problem of the past.

At least, this is what one innovative Kenyan company is aiming for.

Dash2do is an online platform with a portfolio of errand runners, drivers, tradespeople and artisans, all vetted by the company to carry out tasks for people with too much to do and too little time to do it.

By booking and paying online, people in Kenya or abroad can order an electrician, find someone to take flowers to the hospital, get help with organising a party or find someone to do small office tasks.

After a client proposes a fee, requests get picked up quickly, broadcast by text message to the company’s fleet of drivers and university students, and the job gets done.

Dash2do has the potential to provide work for students and graduates needing short-term employment and help out a diaspora population needing a hand back home.

The company takes 30 percent of the errand fee.

Dash2do has a mobile phone app and works with credit cards, PayPal and the M-PESA system.

Entrepreneur Samuel Wanjohi, who has a master’s in civil engineering from Birmingham University in the UK, launched Dash2do in 2011, having founded the Foresight Group, which operates interior design and call centre businesses, in 2008.


By: Rose Skelton

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