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Diddy Taking His Talents To The Tequila Business


Sean Diddy Combs Tequila Business
Sean “Diddy” Combs

AFRICANGLOBE – Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is tossing his hat into another business. The entertainer is reportedly getting into the tequila business with a high-end company.

Diddy is teaming up with tequila brand DeLeon Tequila. The prices range from $140 to $825 a bottle. Although very little is known about the deal and Diddy’s actual involvement, we do know Diddy is set to launch the partnership at his annual New Year’s Eve party on Star Island in Miami.

Once Combs makes the official announcement about his partnership with Deleon Tequila, his business portfolio will be extra lucrative. Diddy makes a pretty penny off of his clothing line Sean John, his deal with Ciroc vodka, and other business ventures.

He can’t stop and he won’t stop and we’re just going to have to take that, take that.


By: Jonathan Hailey

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