Entrepreneur Ashish Thakkar Calls Donald Trump’s Comments On Africa ‘Ignorant’

Entrepreneur Ashish Thakkar Calls Donald Trump's Comments On Africa ‘Ignorant’
Ashish Thakkar

AFRICANGLOBE – One of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, Ashish J. Thakkar, has locked horns on Twitter with American businessman, racial arsonist, all round buffoon and TV personality Donald Trump.

It all started when US president Barack Obama, on his recent visit to Africa, announced the Power Africa initiative, which aims to double access to electricity in Africa. The US said it will commit more than US$7 billion in financial support over the next five years towards this initiative.

Recently Donald Trump tweeted that this money is likely to be stolen due to corruption on the continent.

Donald Trump On Africa


Thakkar responded to Trump’s tweet, by calling the American buffoon’s comment “ignorant” and reminding him that Africa is not one country.

Donal Trump Comments About Africa On Twitter


Again Trump added fuel to the fire by sharing an article highlighting corruption in Uganda, one of the countries where Thakkar grew up.

Donald Trump Criticism Of Power Africa


Thakkar is founder of the Mara Group, a multi-sector family business that has evolved into an investment company. Based out of Dubai, Mara has pan-African interests, with operations in 26 countries spanning four continents, and employs 7,000 people.


By: Jaco Maritz