Establish Your Own Ice Manufacturing Business

Establish Your Own Ice Manufacturing Business
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AFRICANGLOBE Type of Opportunity: Business Opportunity

Overview of Opportunity:

South Africa-based Minus 40′s Ice Block Maker offers an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs across Africa. The company has drawn-up a full business plan that entrepreneurs purchasing the Ice Block Maker can follow.


Everyone wants ready-made ice, often as a necessity, sometimes as a luxury. Ice is essential to preserve food, enjoy cold drinks, be available to entertain friends and family or take perishable products on long distances. Convenient and affordable ice is the answer to all of these important needs.

Minus 40′s Ice Block Maker, a ‘Business in a Box’ priced at under R100,000 (US$14,000), makes it easy to produce and distribute ice that can be sold in exactly the required quantity to a variety of waiting customers.

Communities or businesses that do not have access to their own ice or to an electricity supply in order to own a conventional household refrigerator, or those that need large quantities of ice for specific occasions, are often at the mercy of hawkers and vendors who can charge a premium for cold food, drinks or small ice cubes. For these customers the best form of ice is the large ice block, which lasts much longer and is far easier to transport than small ice cubes or flake ice.

The Benefits of Minus 40′s Ice Block Maker

Typically, a 10kg block of ice will provide cooling for the domestic needs of a family for 2–3 days. This allows food and drinks to be preserved, reducing trips to the shop, allowing more economical buying and reducing spoilage and waste.

The cost of manufacturing ice blocks, using Minus 40′s Ice Block Maker, consists only of electricity and water. An optional plastic bag can be used as a lining inside the ice block mould and serves as a carrier bag for the ice block. The Ice Block Maker has 28 stainless steel moulds which each produce a 10kg ice block. It takes 10 to 14 hours to freeze all 28 blocks. With two cycles in 24 hours, 56 ice blocks a day can be produced.

Case Study – Angola

In 1997 the Minus 40 Ice Block Maker was introduced to the market in Angola by a local entrepreneur. To date over 70 of these machines have been installed by individuals and small businesses. The pattern of shopping in the informal residential areas has changed, and now street vendors supply cold drinks at most street corners in the major cities. Angola is just one of Minus 40′s successful markets.


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