Ethiopia Earn $2.4 Billion From Foreign Trade in 10 Months

Ethiopia's Central Bank
Ethiopia's Central Bank

The foreign exchange was secured from agricultural and industrial products exports to around 127 countries across the world, according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade.

The $352 million the country made last year, pales in comparison to this year’s figure of $2.4 billion, an indication that the country’s exports are on the rise, the ministry said.

Coffee, leather and leather products, flowers, vegetables and fruits, khat, livestock, meat and various agricultural products, as well as textiles were all part of the country’s export products.

Khat, regarded as a prohibited drug in some countries, is mainly exported to Djibouti, Somaliland and Yemen, who allow the free movement and utilisation of the stimulant plant.

Coffee exports brought the country around $598, while $471 million was earned from gold.

Ethiopia, which claims to be the birth place of coffee, is Africa’s top coffee exporter and grower.

China, Somalia, Germany, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, UAE, USA are the main importers of Ethiopia’s agricultural and industrial products.