Ethiopia Inaugurates Cable Production Plant, Truck Assembling Factory

Ethiopian plant
Ethiopia has been slowly industrializing

Ethiopia on Thursday inaugurated a wire and cable production factory and a truck assembling factory executed in cooperation with a Chinese company Poly Technologies in Modjo town about 80 km south west of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Chinese company has also collaborated with the Metals Engineering Cooperation of Ethiopia for the execution of heavy truck assembly plant in Bishoftu town about 45 km south west of Addis Ababa.

The inaugural ceremony of the projects at the Ethiopian Power Engineering Industry under the Metals Engineering Corporation was attended by senior government officials of Ethiopia including Abadula Gemeda, Speaker of the Parliament, Sirage Fegess, Minister of Defense, General Samora Yenus, Chief-of-Staff, Xie Xiaoyan, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia and other officials.

Speaking on the occasion Sirage said the inaugural of the projects is an event to renew commitment to persuading the implementation of policies and strategies designed and implemented by the late visionary leader Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who had been supporting and closely following such developmental projects.

Sirage said Metals Engineering Corporation has been contributing to the economic performance of the country, and it is among the few institutions that have been contributing to industrialization endeavor in Ethiopia.

It has been also contributing to the implementation of the country’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) by establishing various manufacturing industries and raising the capacity of human resources, said Sirage.

He also stated that the Corporation has been manufacturing vehicles and industrial products that can be utilized for projects of electrification, railways, sugar factories and others, which have been included in the GTP.

The minister has commended all parties including the Chinese company, who have made contribution to the success of the projects already inaugurated today.

Ambassador Xie on his part said Ethiopia and China are natural strategic partners in any areas, and the cooperation between Ethiopia and Chinese companies would be further enhanced in the future.

He said the project at the Ethiopia Power Engineering Industry is the fruit of the cooperation by Ethiopian and Chinese brothers and sisters.

“I am so delighted to be in inauguration ceremony. I have been in your country for ten months and I have been attending many ceremonies like this and I think this is a reflection of the close cooperation between Ethiopia and China; and I am sure there will be many to come,” said Xie.

Zhang Liansheng, Chairman of Poly Technologies, noted that through its cooperation with Ethiopia, Poly Technologies has been contributing to the country’s economic growth of Ethiopia.

According to the chairman, over the recent years Poly Technologies has carried out significant projects in Ethiopia.

Poly Technologies has established a long-term strategic partnership with Ethiopia and carried out deep and comprehensive cooperation in manufacturing machines and vehicles among other products in the country, said Zhang.

He also said in addition to carrying out projects in cooperation with Ethiopians, the Poly Technologies transfers technology and technical expertise to Ethiopia.

The chairman reaffirmed his company’s commitment to continue its cooperation with Ethiopia in such area in a strengthened manner.

The officials and invited guests have visited manufacturing workshop and products in the Wire and Cable Factory as well as at the Bishoftu Automotive Industry.